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farming with the sisters

Posted: December 23 2016

Now that we are blanketed down in snow and the sun is setting well before dinner, perhaps you, along with a great deal of other young landless farmers, find yourself looking for your next agricultural pursuit.  If so, here is a great opportunity to work alongside the sisters of Our Lady of the Rock, a Benedictine Monastery on Shaw Island, WA.

At Our Lady of the Rock we offer informal internships through a monastic “Land Program”. These internships are open to men and women, of all faiths, over the age of 18. Enrollment is limited. Internships may be for six months or one year.

The farm strives to be self sufficient, focusing on raising Cotswold Sheep, Highland Cattle, llamas and alpacas, pigs and poultry, and Jersey cows for milking. They also cultivate vegetables, herbs, and flowers!
For more info on the project and internship follow this here link.