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Farming opportunity near Yellowstone

Posted: November 11 2008

Here is an exciting opportunity for a young farmer with a few years experience...
viewYellowstone Land Opportunity
Experienced organic beef farmer and landowner seeks young, entreprenurial farmer to come grow vegetables on his certified organic pastureland.

About the location:
13 acres, 7% slope to the south for greenhouses.
120 day growing season, dam water, plenty of water pressure. Water comes on April 15
60 miles from Yellowstone park, surrounded by wilderness
One of the biggest certified organic, grass-based beef operations in the country. Glorious mountains all around, remote. unclassified white water for kayaking. a few miles from custer's last stand. many artifacts.
Not too close to major markets, very western.
when you get out of your car you are second on the foodchain.
wolves & grizzles
There is no labor available--You must be willing to work yourself, with your own body!

Supportive, experienced landownder who is interested to make something work.
sweet buffer zone: 600,000 acres US largest certified organic ranch
producing amazing beef products. in the heart of wilderness.
he'll buy the greenhouses
he's got tractors
36 branson tractor and loader
plenty of organic compost
housing situation:
2 bedroom log cabin- million dollar
smack in middle of his organic ranch
There is a process. Only dedicated, rugged, optimistic and hard-working farmers with 3-4 years minimum farming experience need apply. It would also help to be a good writer with a certain amount of marketing savvy. Marketing is the trick in this situation.
Farmer is looking to fill this position by March 1, 2009. You will need to be ready for spring planting and be able to keep up with the watering.
The farmer would like a share of the vegetables, enough to can for winter use-I'd estimate about 1,000 dollars worth of produce per year.
Please send a resume and cover letter to:
PO 87 Red Hook NY 12571