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Posted: June 6 2012

Farm Hack:Iowa
Wednesday, June 20th + Thursday, June 21st
@ University of Iowa, Iowa City
+ Echollective CSA, Mechanicsville, IA.

Farm Hack seeks to bring together farmers and allies to promote the time-honored agricultural traditions of tinkering, inventing, fixing and improving agricultural tools and machinery that fit the needs of the diverse and creative people working the land today.  This event is not a conference.  It is a place to bring solutions, questions and ideas, and to share and develop designs with your Farm Hack cohorts.
Farm Hack is not just for farmers – we need the help of engineers, architects, designers, and others to help re-create the culture of open-source design and creative adaptation in Iowa and move towards a sustainable future for our farms and our land.  The goal is to create a new culture and language for on-farm design and an ongoing network for this collaborative work.
This hack will focus in part on-farm energy production, including electric tractor conversion, on-farm solar and biodiesel.  We will showcase existing tools and designs and participate in a Design Charrette, in which themed working groups brainstorm and develop new, usable prototypes to address their needs and those of the group.

Farm Hack Iowa is an event produced by the Greenhorns and the National Young Farmers Coalition. Both of these groups work to promote the interests of America’s young farmers.

Francis Thicke, Radiance Dairy - On farm solar production and monitoring 
Steve Fugate, I-Renew - Ag Biodiesel
Grant Schultz, Schultz Heirloom Farm - Electric G Tractor Conversion


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