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farmers for the future

Posted: September 23 2009

here's the latest update from Farmers for the Future.  Have you checked out the site? Have any comments?  They have some interesting tractor videos.
Farmers for the Future
Our social network continues to grow in all directions. We now have nearly 2,200 members from all 50 U.S. states and more than 100 countries. We’ve generated some 1.5 million page views since the site launched last fall. And you’ve posted 7,500 photos documenting your daily lives on the land.
Meet a member: Alyssa Brashear recently featured her photos from a farmer water rights rally in Huron, California. The rally gained considerable media attention, and Alyssa gives you the feeling of being there and getting the perspective of local farmers. Check out her album, “Food Grows Where Water Flows.”

Several good discussions on the network this week focus on technology: twin row corn, grain storage bags, boomless sprayers, new tractor releases and GPS software. Join in, or start your own topic.
Do you use a consulting agronomist? Would it be a good business for a young farmer? That’s a popular blog topic started by someone looking for your advice. Chime in with your ideas.
A brand new feature on the site: TokBox Video Chat. See how this new tool on the network can let people hear and see you.
Want to set up a regular chat time? Let our site managers know if you’re interested in a particularly time and day of the week.
Share your harvest photos and video in the weeks ahead. We’ll feature some of the highlights in a new slideshow on Agriculture Online.
Have a great fall!
Visit Farmers for the Future at: http://farmersforthefuture.ning.com