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farm partner wanted - east meredith, ny

Posted: April 29 2010

We're looking for a farmer / farm couple with expertise in vegetables, berries, fruit, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and / or livestock to help re-create a farm, preferably using permaculture principles, on this 150-year-old former dairy farm. It's 200 acres, about 50 acres pasture / meadow, most of the rest forest, in East Meredith, NY (Delaware County, near Delhi / Oneonta).
There's plenty of water, sun and worms. Buildings include a house and garage; there is no longer a barn. The land is organic (unofficially). Would like to develop a relationship beginning with rent or barter, leading to some kind of cooperative arrangement.
This is a unique opportunity for the right person to establish an operation from scratch. To discuss possibilities, please call Carl Arnold at 718 788 5944 or 607 278 5820, or e-mail resume and letter to [email protected]