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farm jobs in california

Posted: September 22 2011
Pyramid Farms is taking resumes for 3 paid farm worker positions. They are currently taking applications for a position that starts in Mid-November and runs for a year. They are also taking applications for 2 positions starting February running till early November. One of these positions is for an Assistant Farm Manager. This position requires 1 year of farm experience, excellent/fast field skills, dedication, and responsibility. The Assistant Farm Manager position starts at $9/hr scaling up with hours per week worked.
Pyramid is an 11 acre organic farm located on the outskirts of Chico, CA. They grow a wide variety of vegetables for sales at Farmers Markets, our CSA, Local/Regional wholesale, and Restaurants. We operate year round.  Matthew has been a full time Farmer for 14 years and part time farmer for more than 20. All positions are paid employment. Wage is $8/hr, has workers compensation, and unemployment insurance.
If you are interested in learning what it takes to operate a successful small farm this could be the place!!! Pyramid Farms offers experiential learning in all aspects of Farm operations.
There are two fully equipped travel trailers for living space, also an outdoor  shower and outdoor kitchen, besides the ones in the trailers.
Pyramid Farms is Certified Organic, and produces high quality mixed vegetables for sales at Farmers Market’s, through CSA, and Local wholesale to stores and restaurants. They also have goat’s that they milk and make cheese with. And they have a small flock of laying chickens which are fed a whole grain soy/corn free diet. They also raise a small number of pastured poultry for on farm use, which are also whole grain soy/corn free.
Send  cover letters/resumes to [email protected]
chico, ca