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farm for lease - danby, vt

Posted: July 29 2009

a great opportunity for the right greenhorn(s).
Smokey House Center (SHC) is seeking an individual or family with farming experience and an agriculture business plan to lease and operate the former Harrington Farm as a financially sound, sustainable agricultural enterprise compatible with Smokey House Center’s values and educational programs.
SHC is offering a unique alternative model to land ownership that provides the right person(s) with farmland access, affordability, security, and investment with the following advantages:

  • The arrangement offers affordability to the farmer by eliminating substantial down-payment requirements and debt typically associated with purchasing a farm.
  • The long-term lease secures tenure for the farmer and fosters sound and lasting stewardship of the farmed property.
  • A farm equity fund assists the farmer in building equity through means other than land ownership.

For more information, including more details on the farm, the center, and how to apply, check out the link below.