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farm-focused web design

Posted: May 21 2011

This must fit some of you greenhorns out there...
Small Farm Central is making a push to design new templates for it's farmer-only CMS in the summer of 2011. We need 2-3 great, farm-focused web designers to design 2-3 design templates each for our farmers.
A successful design will apply an aesthetic that represents farmers in a website form and will be visually striking to our farmers and their customers. Our farmers like to customize their sites with their own photos, so many of our most popular templates utilize the farmers own photos.
Some of our templates that we have designed in the past can be found on the premium template page, however breaking the rules is encouraged! We want eye-catching and special designs, not the same recycled ideas.
Small Farm Central sees each farm website as unique, so we take the time to work individually with each farm on their design. We can utilize photoshop tools to customize each template for the end-user so more advanced, beautiful designs can be developed beyond what can be done in straight CSS. This opens up the designer to take more chances and create bold designs.
Finding the middle ground by creating a distinct, bold design and keeping it customizable to each farm's needs is absolutely essential in developing a good template.
We are looking for designers, so you do not need to provide us with web-ready CSS/HTML code (although if you can, that could be a plus!).
How to Apply
Send a portfolio (please highlight which work is relevant to this project) and some details on how you would approach this design challenge via email. Use our contact page or email simon [[at]] smallfarmcentral.com with subject line "Farm Web Template Design".
These are contract jobs paid as a freelancer -- we will discuss what deliverables are expected from the designer and the designer will provide a quote for their services.

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