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fancy farms abound

Posted: May 7 2012

The question becomes: How do these luxury estates, in being re-booted, and re-vamped by philanthropies ( such as Doris Duke Foundation) provide the incubated farmers with equity, not just a bunk bed. How do we ensure that the adaptive re-use of pre-income-tax estates of the gilded age don't become shiny summer camps for ' agrarian experimenters' and instead live up to the potential: allowing lower income farmers, new immigrants, farmworkers, and new farmers without capital to build a business, a following, a brand, and their dossier of skills+ equipment: so that they can LEAVE and start their own farm. That is what incubators are supposed to do: to nurture the baby chicks, not just look good on paper with a watercress sandwich cafe and some jam-making workshops on weekends. If it's going to be tax exempt, it should be serious.
This is not teatime, people, this is food security time.

red hook, new york


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