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everblossom farm seeks interns

Posted: February 13 2013

The beauty of the intern system is that there is a constant rotation of fresh faces, new energy, and a myriad of interesting people to meet. However, this is
inherently intertwined with the sad part of the intern system - those who blossom and grow dear move on and out of our lives. So it is with sadness but also a great deal of excitement that we begin the 2013 Edition of the Intern Search!
We've had some amazing interns over the past season, and we are only growing upward as a business and therefore will be searching out more and more energetic, dedicated, hard-working individuals to contribute to the farm. If the following factual information appeals to you, and the dire warnings of difficult work and exhaustion don't deter you, there's a very good chance that there is a place for you at Everblossom.
The intern positions begin in April and last through October. We're flexible on timeframe and are happy to receive resumes any time of year, as we have job
opportunities year round. Our farm is an ideal place to learn what makes a CSA successful and how to market quality produce in different venues. Additionally, every intern gets hands-on, practical training in all aspects of vegetable production - an education that's beneficial for a lifetime.
This unique 190-acre farm offers broad experiences in sustainable agriculture and Certified Organic farming.  Every season we explore new ways to diversify our farm and meet local demand for fresh, organic products. For ten years we have been expanding the farm to include 15 acres of organic vegetable production for a 150-member summer CSA, a 90-member winter CSA, and sales at farmers' markets, a health food store, and restaurants. Products include organic seasonal vegetables and berries, and winter vegetables grown in our passive solar greenhouse. We sell only what we grow ourselves in our great soil at my family's historic farmstead.
We are located in a semi rural region of South-central Pennsylvania, but have multi-cultural influences from major cities and nearby college towns. Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia are within a one- to two-hour drive of our farm. Smaller nearby towns and cities include historic Gettysburg, York, Harrisburg, Carlisle, and Hanover.
Housing is provided (at no cost, as part of compensation) for any staff member that requires it. Staff may reside on site in the large, stone farmhouse where they share a bathroom and gender-specific bedrooms.   They also have access to wireless internet, a shared kitchen, and socializing space with a small library. Daily transportation is not provided. Staff members have access to organic farm produce and meat for meals, but are responsible for all other food and pantry items.
Interns are not required to have farming experience. We're very skilled and ready to train any staff member. Typical farm work includes planting, cultivating, harvesting, sales, infrastructure building, and farmer networking. Weekly stipends are provided and are negotiable based on experience and skill level.
This farm is a monumental labor of love, each and every day. We cannot accept applicants who have a half-hearted interest in farming, or in food; the commitment and care required to do this job well can only be sustained by a full-blown interest and a readiness to escalate your work ethic. We are also supremely dedicated to our CSA members, and refuse to offer them anything less than the very best.
We cannot guarantee that you won't get tired, or sweaty, or filthy dirty. On the contrary - you will be all of those things. Probably every day. We can guarantee that you will get a chance to meet and work with other incredible people, care for our plants and soil, experience farmers markets, eat wonderful fresh food you helped produce, experience an incredible sense of accomplishment every day, and much more.
Everblossom Farm needs to be at the top of your wish-list if you are considering applying here - and if this is the case, we can't wait to meet you. We are extremely proud of our success as a business, but equally so of the amazing people who live, work, and volunteer here.
Email cover letter and resume to: [email protected]

hudson, new york