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etc group teach-in: a critical approach to the digitalisation of food systems

Posted: June 21 2022

The webinarThis webinar will serve as an introductory session to provide key elements for understanding the phenomena of the digitalisation of food systems from seed to stomach (also known as the 4.0 revolution in food and agriculture). This is a free and open teach-in, organized in two 45 min teach-ins with 15 min for Q&A. A moderator will provide additional information and respond to questions in the chat during each session. 

Session 1: Power and technology: the digital food chain | By ETC Group What is “the digital food chain" and what networks of power are behind it? What are the technologies involved in the "digitalisation'' of each link of the agrifood chain?  What is the role of artificial intelligence and data mining? We will explore the connections between big corporate tech and food players and digital platforms, assess corporate concentration in these sectors, and unpack the role States play when it comes to deploying technologies and enabling monopolistic practices. We will introduce the concept and political implications of bio-digital convergence.

Session 2: Food, data, and capitalism: a new business model | By IT For Change We will explore key elements enabling us to better understand the new digital economy and surveillance capitalism and how it is being applied to food. What is the connection to green capitalism and the financialisation of nature? What is data in this context, and particularly, data for food systems (also increasingly known as “surveillance agriculture”). We will share elements of the geopolitics of digital deployment (for example, China’s creation of a Digital Silk Route).

 Dates, times, and languages

Both sessions of the webinar will be presented in two different schedules: June 29 >> Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese (best for North America, Latin America, and Europe)  Session 1: 12hs PDT / 14hs Mx / 15hs EST-Chile /16hs Bra-Arg/17hs Lisboa/18hs SpainSession 2: 13hs PDT / 15hs Mx / 16hs EST-Chile /17hs Bra-Arg/18hs Lisboa/19hs Spain Click here to register for 29/06 and add to your calendar!June 30 >> Languages: English, Portuguese, French (best for Africa, Europe, and Asia) Session 1: 09hs Congo/10hs London-South Africa /11hs CET-Mozambique/ 12hs Nairobi/14.30hs India/ 17hs ManilaSession 2: 10hs Congo/ 11hs London-South Africa /12hs CET-Mozambique/ 13hs Nairobi/15.30hs India/ 18hs Manila Click here to register for 30/06 and add to your calendar!

Further information

Current rapid technological changes include the ongoing deployment of programs to transform food chains and the intensification of corporate mergers and ventures among big ag and big tech. There is an urgent need for civil society movements to understand and assess what these changes mean to the defense of the peasant food web and food sovereignty. This introductory teach-in is part of a series of activities under the “Food, Data and Justice Dialogues” to build capacities to assess digital technologies in food and agriculture, an initiative of the JustNET Coalition and of The Long Food Project. For any additional questions or information requirements, please contact Soledad Vogliano [email protected]