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essex farm notes: a great blog to follow

Posted: July 3 2014

get a horse
Week 26, 2014
We are sleep deprived and red-necked, the house is a total disaster, the lawn is shaggy, and we’ve been eating cold scraps out of a nearly barren fridge. And this is exactly the way it should be when things are going well at the end of June. The weather is behaving as if custom ordered. We pulled some long days haymaking last weekend. Mike, Mark, Matt, Luke, Aubrey and Scott got the last load of bales under cover minutes before the rain started. Then it fell gently, steadily, so that the plants and grasses, which had which had just begun to wish for water, raised their leaves up in gratitude. Now the sun is out again and the forecast is clear and hot; Jon Christian is aboard the Ford, laying down more hay, and Mark is tedding it right behind him.
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