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draft animal power network

Posted: September 3 2014

Annual meeting is coming right up!


The Draft Animal-Power Network is looking for volunteers for the Annual Gathering!
Sept 26-28th, 2014
Cummington Fairgrounds, Cummington MA

The Annual Gathering brings together farmers, loggers, etc around the use of draft power - we will have horse and oxen demos, community meals, farmer-to-farmer conversations, music and more. Don't miss the chance to participate in this event and volunteer - your help makes it possible!
Volunteers attend the whole weekend free of charge in exchange for 3.5 hours of work helping out at the Gathering. (Camping and meals are not included in the exchange). We need help preparing meals, welcoming people, general event coordination and clean-up! See our volunteer registration form and pick the time slot that works best for you.  If you want to take on additional responsibility, and help manage a certain part of the event, (assisting the Food Coordinator or musicians) contact Karen at [email protected], for more info.