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draft animal power field days, september 28-29, vermont

Posted: August 29 2013

dapfielddaysSeptember 28 & 29, 2013, Barton, Vermont


Event Highlights:

  • Doc Hammill: Gentle Horsemanship
  • Neal Perry: natural horsemanship
  • Stephen Leslie, author of The New Horse-Powered Farm
  • Ox yokes, harnesses & equipment
  • 40+ Presentations, Demonstrations & Workshops
  • Oxen, Horses, Mules
  • Plowing, Haying, Tillage Tools and Cultivators, Logging and Woods Implements
  • Presentations for all ages & interest levels
  • All Gentle and natural horsemanship demonstrations are applicable to riding or draft animals

Important links:
Event Pre-registration Form (USPS)  for all pre-event purchases & registrations
Doc Hammill info: Teaching Teamster Skills, Heart & Mind of the Horse, Workhorse Workshop

Barton, Vermont