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dose of scary

Posted: July 14 2011

WCSJ: Plant Diseases, Farmer Suicides And The Peril of A Hungry Future By Maryn McKenna

Here’s my second report from the World Conference of Science Journalists — and if you thought the first one on diabetes in China was depressing, just wait for this one.
Since I wrote SUPERBUG the book and started this blog, I’ve been fascinated by stresses and problems in food production. (For evidence, see any of this long archive.) This conference in Qatar, which drew 726 journalists, most from the global south, was a chance to hear from people  immersed in food issues in places we in the north don’t know enough about. So for my panel on agriculture and food security, I invited people whom I wanted to learn from.
And wow, did I.
Read the rest of the article here.

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