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documenting america's environmental innovators

Posted: October 14 2014

In May 2009 Dorothee Royal-Hedinger and Mark Boyer hit the roadto film people working on the cutting edge of sustainability. They traveled until September 2011 and now their website, OrganicNation.tv, is full of videos, photos, and blog posts about farmers, restauranteurs, academics, and filmmakers who are working on solving some of the threats to our planet.
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18771130]
The projects and perspectives of the subjects of these short videos vary widely, but they share a common clarity of vision about the challenges facing our community and our planet right now. Every corner of the country is represented and each video is accompanied by a short write-up from the OrganicNation team.
We hope these stories and interviews inspire you get involved and innovating!