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Discipline! stamina! curriculum!

Posted: January 29 2011
The Northeast Beginning Farmer Project is offering more of its popular online courses, including one that will help you take your marketing to the next level. Register now for:
What Do I Need to Do to Start a Farm Business? (BF 103) - a 6-week course for new and aspiring farmers addressing the legal, regulatory, and tax implications of farming.
Intermediate Marketing for Farmers: Developing a Marketing Plan (BF 201) - is our first course that will take you beyond the basics of exploring marketing ideas to actually developing a formal marketing plan. Designed for people actively researching and planning farm start-up, or those who have a couple of years of farming already under their belts. 
Courses cost $150. Learn more at www.nybeginningfarmers.org/courses/index.php?page=allcourses
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