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dirty money: why corporate funding of art is problematic (at best)

Posted: March 29 2016


Fresco by Joseph E. Southall

"Maybe Faust had it Right," this fabulous and short article by Nick Theiberger, about the funding of art projects by large mining corporations in Australia within which he outlines the problem of accepting money from these companies and a possible alternative. It is not hard to stretch your imagination to see the parallels across the world and in the US-- with the funding of not just the arts but also philantrophic projects, public research, and nonprofit organizations.

 If the Australian government’s mining tax were properly implemented and these companies were made to pay adequately for their extraction of our common wealth then there could be funds distributed by governments to pay for language projects. A properly funded State Library could fund its own projects and not become complicit in providing respectability to the likes of Rio Tinto. Instead we go with begging bowls to the corporations whose scattered crumbs we gratefully sweep from the floor.

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