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Dirt Palace + Rooms in Providence

Posted: April 17 2009

Need a place to stay in Providence this summer? Here's the latest from Dirt Palace
Some Dirt Palace News!
First off - The Secret Restaurant of the Dirt Palace is BACK!!
Sunday April 26th HAPPY EASTER! OK, maybe it's not really easter - however, We are going to have a very special "Peaster" day Brunch. We will celebrate this day with guest chefs AND a very special "Found a Job" Cookbook signing by Jacob Berendes and the "Dirt Palace Cookbook" signing by...US! Both Cookbooks will be available for purchase at the brunch. Details are being ironed out. More info soon! Jesus pancakes? bean scram? wasabi bloody mary's? DJ- whatever sasha's dj name is

Secondly - There will be 2 rooms available for sublet the months of July and August. Vvltvre will be on tour for those 2 months and Anna and Pippi are both subleting their rooms. Thinking about spending the summer in Providence? Now's your chance!! Wanna book Vvltvre in your town? Email us for more details (rooms and shows)
Thirdly, we will be installing another bottle window at the Dirt Palace. This time out of Carlo Rossi Jugs. Drink lots and lots of Carlo Rossi!! Give us your jugs! We will probably have another contest for the most carlo rossi jugs. So save up to Win!!
Lastly, there are now openings for new members to the Dirt Palace screen printing studio. Need a screen printing facility? There will be a monthly membership fee for unlimited access. Some storage available. Contact us for more details if you are interested!
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