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dear sustainable ag girls with no boyfriend or land.

Posted: August 20 2009

This site has got a lot of landed farmboys on it.
Yes, they are mostly conventional farmers.
Let's convert them one by one!
Farmers for the Future: http://farmersforthefuture.ning.com/
Here's their latest e-blast:
We now have more than 2,000 members from all 50 U.S. states and 100 countries. We’ve generated more than 1.2 million page views since the site launched last fall.
Members have uploaded more than 7,500 photos documenting their daily lives on the land. Take a quick tour of the latest slideshow to view some outstanding pics of summer activities--including field work, cool tractors, prize livestock and even some fun at the beach.
A fun topic in the forums this week: What’s your favorite gizmo on the farm? Julie Perry, who started this discussion, says hers is a weed whacker with a ”pivitron head.” Others mention a homemade hoe (learn how it’s done), a scythe, a cordless impact wrench, and a Leatherman super tool. Join the discussion and let us know what tool is most indispensable on your place.
From the blogs: New member Andy Overbay asks, “Have you ever been (or felt you have been) looked down upon because you were a farmer?” The question inspires some interesting discussion. Join in and give your opinion.

Check out the site for more—new videos, formation of a dairy group, and a new chat tool you can use anytime to talk with other members.
Good luck with harvest!