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day jobs.

Posted: May 21 2011

You'd think that milking upwards of a hundred cows a day would be enough to keep a man in professional pay. Sadly, the milk situation in this nation is pitiful. (See The Milkweed).

Young Wattsburg farmer happy to buck trend
By Jim Martin for the Erie Times-News; May 15, 2011
You'll find Evan Nickerson scrambling these days to keep up behind the parts counter at Z&M Ag and Turf in Falconer, N.Y.
Farmers, all in a hurry to till their fields and plant their crops, show up with broken plow points, blown hydraulic lines and frustration written on their faces.
Nickerson knows just how they feel.
He's a farmer, too. The eight or 10 hours a day he spends behind the parts counter is just his day job.
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