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crop plans!

Posted: October 12 2009

if you're in the North West, this is a good and affordable course.  Slow Hand Farm also has a great blog.
Crop Planning for Diverse Plantings
and how to effectively use spreadsheets to streamline the process

Who: Josh Volk, of Slow Hand Farm (slowhandfarm.com), will be teaching this course based on a system that he has been developing and refining for the past ten plus years.
What the course will cover: Learn a refined crop planning and record keeping system, and general principles for creating your own systems. The crop planning system presented will let you plan out hundreds of separate plantings and keep track of all of them with minimal effort. If you are a professional grower and you want to save time, improve harvests, and keep better records, this is the course for you. If you are a serious gardener and want to grow as much food as possible, this is for you too.
The course will use excel style spread sheets extensively and also cover shortcuts and techniques for using spreadsheets more effectively and efficiently. All of the basic concepts are equally applicable to those still using pencil and paper - although you may be converted
Zenger Farm
11741 SE Foster Road
Portland, Oregon 97266
Saturday, November 7, 1-4 pm
How to Register:
Course cost is $60,
or $30 for current farm apprentices
Contact [email protected] to sign up
Space is limited


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