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crop mob season

Posted: March 28 2012

the Washington Young Farmers Coalition is kicking off the crop mob season on April 7:
Spring is here! Crop Mob time! Want to combine a weekend getaway to the Islands with some hearty work and help out a fellow farmer?
Join us April 7th* 10 A.M. at Maple Rock Farm on Orcas Island for the year's first Crop Mob!
We will be concentrating on building a deer/rabbit fence around a newly plowed 2 acres. This would be a great time for anyone with any fence building in their future to le arn some tricks of the trade- installing posts, the spanish windlass, building gates, and how to properly stretch out 6 foot metal fencing. To conclude the day's events Maple Rock Farm will be hosting a party in our barn- there will be meat, beer, music, and a plethora of island personalities. Everyone is more than welcome to camp out at the farm (bring a tent!) and stay through the weekend.
See our calendar page for driving directions, contact info, and more.
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