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Posted: March 31 2010

The Clemson University Student Organic Farm would like to extend to you an opportunity to participate in a new program we have developed.  We are calling it the Student Organic Farm Voucher Program.
We are excited about this new voucher program, and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity. We cannot guarantee the availability of the vouchers as quantities are limited.  They are being offered on a first come first served basis.  The last day to purchase vouchers will be: Wednesday April 14th.
How the program works:
Vouchers come in increments of $1 and are sold in books of 50.  Each book, valued at $50.00, can be purchased for $35; a 30% savings up front. The vouchers are valid for use at the Student Organic Farm market for goods sold by our program. Use them like cash; simply choose the produce that you would like to purchase and pay the whole dollar amount with vouchers and the difference in cash. For example, a purchase total of $9.47 would take 9 vouchers and 47¢ in cash.

  1. Vouchers can be used for produce only.
  2. Vouchers CAN be transferred. [They could make great gifts for people you know that shop at the CUSOF farmer's market!]
  3. 2010 Vouchers are only good for the 2010 season (End of May through September).
  4. Vouchers are NOT redeemable for cash.
  5. Limit of voucher books per family is five books.
  6. The total cost is as follows: 1 book/$35, 2 books/$70, 3 books/$105, 4 books/$140 and 5 books/$175

Further Information:
With the voucher program, you can shop the market, pick out the produce you prefer, save 30% on the produce you like, and provide necessary funding to the farm before the beginning of the season
Please see the attachment for crops that will be planted for the 2010 season. Please note there may be some last minute additions or omissions to this list.
To Purchase:
If you would like to purchase a book or books of vouchers, please return the attached form with your check payable to Clemson University to the address below.  You will receive confirmation of your payment and then be able to pick your voucher books up at the market when it opens in May. If you have any questions about the voucher program, please contact Kelly Gilkerson at 656-50507/ [email protected].