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conventional or organic, you'll still have to scrimp

Posted: December 15 2009

no one accuses these kids of living in teepees, but still.
from the Stock Journal
Young farmers advised - save before borrowing
by ALISHA FOGDEN; 10 Dec, 2009 04:00 AM

Young farmers need to learn the difference between "need and want" if they plan to be successful in any business.

That was one of the resounding points made by the guest speakers at the inaugural Moovers and Shakers young dairyfarmer forum at Glenelg on Friday last week.
International key note speaker John Roche, a principal scientist for Animal Science at DairyNZ, said the best advice he wanted to give young dairyfarmers was "to learn how to budget and save before borrowing".
"Recognise the difference between your needs and wants," he said.
"Successful people I have met have recognising 'absolute need' down to a fine art.
"Learn to budget, save, then borrow. If you borrow first it is a lot more difficult situation to deal with."
Mr Roche said wanna-be farmers should also travel while they are young for life experience.
"While you are young pick any place and go there to find work - a good worker will always get work," he said.
"Even if it isn't in agriculture, the life skills you learn on that experience will extend to when you go into your own business.
"You can seek out local dairy systems and enquire why they may do things differently. You may find a better or easier way of doing things."
Mr Roche owns or is part of dairy farm businesses in Ireland, New Zealand and the US.