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connecticut action today!

Posted: May 4 2010

From the Working Lands Alliance: contact your HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE today and urge them to vote today in support of HB5419 as amended by LCO 4811, and to co-sponsor the bill.  
This is a great bill to keep local food and farms growing in CT, call or email your House Rep today! Find my legislator

Read on to find out exactly what HB 5419 will do:

Section 1 will make it clear that one day farmers markets qualify for the same vendor privIleges as a seasonal farmers market.
Section 2 will allow the CT Milk Promotion Board to access a regional fund (collected through the Federal Dairy Check Off program) for promotion, education and research on the CT dairy industry and milk consumption.
Secion 3 allows for the production of acidified foods such as pickles, tomato sauce and salsa on residential farms and their sale at farm stands and farmers markets in much the same way that jellies and jams have een successfully and legally prepared in residential farm kitchens for many years.
Section 4 allows producers of no more than 5,000 turkeys or 20,000 poultry of all other species to process their birds in accordance with the exemption provisions of the Federal Poultry Products Inspection Act (Code of Federal Regulations Title 9: 381.10); the CT Dept. of Agriculture will be in charge of state inspection.  Under this law poultry farmers will be able to sell directly to household consumers, restaurants, hotels, and boarding houses.


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