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composting toilets in Haiti

Posted: October 14 2009

Cote de Fer is a commune in the Southeast department of Haiti. There are 6 communal sections and approximately 64,000 people. It is estimated that at least 70% of the population in this region does not have access to a toilet.
Cote de Fer is a very agricultural region and the majority of families depend on the land for their income. Fertilizers are very expensive and soil fertility is declining, making this a good location to initiate a composting toilet program. SOL was invited to Cote de Fer by the former mayor and deputy from the region and several peasant groups.
SOL National Coordinator, Marcorel, traveled to Cote de Fer in March to meet with representatives of each of Cote de Fer’s 6 rural sections to discuss the project and decide on a location for the demonstration site. Approximately 35 people attended the initial meeting and the group decided on the neighborhood of Gris Gris for the demonstration site. The group chose Gris Gris because of its rural location. It was agreed that families in this region would be the most likely to benefit from both the sanitation and fertilizer aspects of the composting toilet project. The exact location chosen was close to the Gris Gris market where hundreds of people gather each Weds and Sun. This location will ensure high visibility and maximum accessibility.
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