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Community Garden Groundbreaking

Posted: April 8 2009

We got this nice note from Greenhorns ally Michelle Rehme:
Today was the official groundbreaking for UVA's community garden - and quite possibly the happiest day of my life. Under a perfect blue sky we had students, teachers, kids, and Charlottesville familes all being rock stars and frolicking around barefoot in the mud building raised beds, spreading soil, sowing seeds, playing banjos, and eating delicious pot-luck. Absolutely everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces all day long. By the end of the day i was covered in dirt, worn-out, and felt more ALIVE than I've ever felt. Now more than ever i am convinced of the power of a simple patch of earth - as a living, breathing metropolis where each particle of sunlight, drop of water, worm, insect, seed, root, leafy green, and helping hand serves a purpose - an organic masterpiece woven together in a multitude of intricate parts.
But i digress - i brought my video camera out and recorded the day and i just put together a little video of the garden groundbreaking... it's nothing fancy, but I'd love for you to take a look! The music in the background I recorded earlier this morning from a wonderful string band at the Charlottesville farmer's market


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