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common sense

Posted: January 28 2014

 Commons Sense [pdf]: Co-operative place making and the capturing of land value for 21st century Garden Cities.  This report, published by Co-operatives UK describes the huge potential of community land trusts and other forms of mutual housing and enterprise

In this time of growing austerity, revisiting pioneering ideas from the past on how land is owned and shared can be a source of innovation and insight on how to self-finance local economic renewal. Henry George posed the conundrum: why do we have industrial progress and yet rising poverty? As he showed, a key explanation is the way escalating land values contribute to a structural maldistribution of wealth. First, the value of land depends on location, and second, concentrated urban investment, both public and private, increases site values while in turn raising the costs of meeting basic urban needs – from housing to workspace and public services. How might this be overcome?
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