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cherry pie mixer - how to get there!

Posted: June 23 2010

It occurred to us that you might need directions if you're joining us in Detroit this weekend, so here are some comprehensive ones.  Your final destination is the Woodbridge Community Garden.

To get from the USSF at cobo to the woodbridge community garden:

the distance is 3 miles
best by bike-
- ride up washington
- left on clifford
-right onto cass
- left onto warren
- right onto trumbull
- left onto merrick
OR easier
straight up woodward to left on warren... right at trumbull... left onto merrick

Here's a BUS route.
or take the 53 up woodward to warren and then walk west on warren to right on trumbull, end at merrick.

cab- ask to go to the woodbridge pub on trumbull past warren, probably about 7 or 8 dollars

rental, the hub of detroit is renting bikes on a first come first serve
basis, forms can be found on the ussf website... the hub is on cass and
martin luther king (MLK). Right now they have more people registered
then they have bikes but they are working hard to fill the need.