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cheese classes offered in SF Bay

Posted: February 20 2011

HOW IT WORKS: On-site cheesemaking classes in the Bay Area. You gather the people. I bring milk and all the supplies. Classes are suited for up to 15 students though not limited to. Choose fromclasses that last an hour to ones that last several. Learn anything from yogurt to feta to mozzarella to farmstead cheddar.

  • Ricotta Clouds: This class teaches you how to make whole milk, skim milk and whey ricotta at home. Includes a taste testing of cow vs. sheep ricottas as well as a display of traditional and creative ricotta forms. Class is 2 hours long. ($300)
  • Kefir and Yogurt: Learn the simplicity of homemade kefir and yogurt. Learn how to sweeten and flavor these delicious andhealthy foods. Learn about probiotics, shelf life, mother cultures and more. Participants recieve cultures to take home.Class is 3 hours long. ($335)
  • Mozz Stretch: After a breeze through cheese chemistry, you'll jump right into mozzarella stretching fun. Taste test mozzarella varieties. Be inspired with mouthwatering meal ideas. Stretch your own fresh mozzarella knots to take home and enjoy. Class lasts 1 hour. ($375)
  • Mozzarella Madness: Start with some fresh milk. End with a buttery ball! This longer class teaches you how to make mozzarella curd (both the old-fashioned way and the quick methods) then moves you through curing and stretching techniques. Cultures and recipes are included. Class is 4 hours long. ($450)
red hook, new york