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check your reps

Posted: March 16 2012

If you are in the district of one of these folks--

AR: Rep. Crawford, Sen. Boozman
IL:  Rep. Johnson
IN: Rep. Stutzman
IA: Sen. Grassley
ME: Sen. Snowe, Sen. Collins
MT: Sen. Baucus
NE: Sen. Johanns, Sen. Nelson
NC: Rep. Ellmers, Rep. Kissel
OH: Rep. Gibbs
PA: Rep. Thompson, Rep. Holden
SD: Rep. Noem, Sen. Thune
TN: Sen. Corker
consider reading up on Beginning farmer and rancher opportunity act, and local food local jobs act,
those are the two marker bills we are pushing for at National Young Farmer Coalition.
Join today, but also, consider joining in the lobbying effort with your local sustainable ag advocacy group, and joining your pony to the wagon. pulling for reform.
red hook, new york


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