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next farmhack event!

The next Farm Hack event from NYFC will be September 17th in Syracuse, NY on the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry campus. It is a meeting of minds between students, faculty, farmers and other professionals to create solutions for small scale farmers. There will be people with backgrounds in […]

Posted: August 4 2011
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mapping power in america of course, the young farmer mafia is also quite strong. OUR SKILLS are worth more than THEIR JEWELS .

Posted: July 9 2011
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tools by the century

Antique Farm What a collection!  There's much to learn from these tools.  Seed fiddle, anyone? Peter Charles Dorrington collected and restored over 750 antique farm tools between 1985 and 2001. Most of these tools were agricultural hand implements and fenland tools that were used in England, Wales and Scotland, dating from about 1600 to […]

Posted: June 27 2011
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got internet?

Farmers and Rural Broadband Internet Access The blog site is seeking small, organic, sustainable, or biodynamic farmers to interview for a book and possible podcast series. The subject centers on how broadband internet access, or the lack of it, affects the way farmers learn new techniques, connect with other like- minded people, find resources […]

Posted: May 30 2011
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Greenhorns, you can suggest this app to all your iphone-using customers. [vimeo] Farmanac is an iPhone app that empowers consumers to make better decisions when shopping for fruits and vegetables. Farmanac does the work for you, telling you exactly when produce is in season locally; what its pesticide level is (indicating whether to splurge […]

Posted: May 25 2011