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Posted: May 25 2011

Greenhorns, you can suggest this app to all your iphone-using customers.
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Farmanac is an iPhone app that empowers consumers to make better decisions when shopping for fruits and vegetables.
Farmanac does the work for you, telling you exactly when produce is in season locally; what its pesticide level is (indicating whether to splurge and buy organic, or if you’re just as safe opting for conventional); if a fruit or vegetable has been genetically modified; how to know when an item is ripe; and methods for storing produce once you’re back at home. Maybe you know that carrots kept longer than any other vegetable, but Farmanac will tell you that they are best stored without their tops so they retain more moisture and last longer. Did you know that an avocado with a slight neck will have better flavor than one with a rounded top? Or that a pummelo - the exotic citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia - is the most ripe when it gives off little to no odor? Farmanac provides you with this kind of background material as well as history for every piece of produce it stores.
Farmanac’s simple interface provides users with a variety of quick ways to get information. Type in an item by name, browse the 1400+ fruits and vegetables in the app’s database, or look it up using a PLU Code - the number that appears on those little stickers adhered to fruits and vegetables. The PLU number holds a wealth of information your grocer might not readily offer – like if an item contains toxic pesticides - and Farmanac will help you unlock this.
Many of us know that we should buy organic, but in today’s economy where fruits and vegetables are more costly than junk food, most of us can’t afford to select the best produce. Farmanac is for the budget-conscious person that wants to make healthy, knowledgeable choices, whether shopping at a conventional grocery store, farmers market, or a gourmet food source, allowing you - the consumer - to make informed decisions.
“We’re living in an era where we don’t know where our food comes from, let alone how it is grown,” says Abraham Wallin, creator of Farmanac. “Our hope is that by using Farmanac, every time you leave the market you’ll end up with produce that’s fresh, in season, and healthy for you and your family.”
Farmanac for the iPhone is available on iTunes for $1.99. For more details visit http://getFarmanac.com and for questions, comments or concerns contact [email protected].

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