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canadian young farmers

Posted: March 17 2011

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Making it: Organic farming a natural choice for young entrepreneurs by Mary Albino
Visitors to the Young-Carey home tend to express envy.
You commute only into the backyard! You lunch on baked squash that tastes like pumpkin pie and smoked meat that’s better than grandmas! In the evening, if you feel like it, you can watch the sun set holding hands sipping tea on the front porch! I want this life!
Tarrah Young and Nathan Carey, who are in their early 30s, own and operate Green Being Farm, a 20-hectare mixed organic farm in Neustadt, Ont. This year the farm turns four (coincidentally, so does their marriage).
Neustadt, population 300, is 90 kilometres northwest of Kitchener-Waterloo. You know you’re close when instead of Tim Hortons you pass Hats Off To Harry Restaurant and Pitt Ralph Produce.
It’s true: Out here the sky is wider, fresher and distractions fewer. Lucy the sheepdog greets you in the driveway. The sound of idle snorting pigs and baaing sheep give the distinct impression that everything is right in the world.
Green Being is home to a herd of Katahdin sheep, a collection of Berkshire pigs and 100 or so hens and turkeys in three heritage varieties. All the animals live exceptionally pleasant lives: They roam around together outside and feed on what their species would have fed on a century ago before farming was commercial.
“Berkshire pigs have better genes. They taste more porklike than regular pigs. Plus, we like them because their personalities are more robust.”
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