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call for event volunteers

Posted: July 17 2010
If you receive our emails, chances are we met you at a Greenhorns event somewhere along the way. Whether it was a workshop, a mixer, a bike ride, or at a conference, we all found our way there through the currents of some lovely agricultural magnetism. And we want to keep that going! To do that, we need lots of little tugs all working together. It takes quite a bit of hustling to make these happenings happen, as we are many hands coordinating over long distances. Will you step up and take on a leadership role? Will you lend your time and skills to this movement of ours? Give greenhorns a shout at [email protected]. We'll meet you there!
Below is a list of the places we'll be convening and celebrating in the coming months. The full list is on our Events page.
We need:
Designers (both graphic artists for Posters and real world 3D space designers for Ambiance)
Makers of all kinds (sewing, lighting, making props, drawing maps...)
Venue liaisons, working with event Partners, making fun Activities
Chefs, Servers and other delicious Food preppers
Logistics support pre-party (getting people there, setting up conditions for comfort and conviviality)
Photographers and other documentarians
Maine, Aug 13-15
Boston, Aug 18
Vermont (Northeast Kingdom), Aug 21-22
Virginia (Charlottesville), Sep 12
Pennsylvania (Northeast), Sep 11-12
Connecticut, Sep 19
Kentucky (Louisville), Sep 24-25
New York (Upstate, Chestnut Ridge), Sep 29-30
Portland, Oregon, Oct 9-10
Albany, Nov 11
And many more dates on our West Coast screening tour beginning in October.