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butchering classes in washington

Posted: January 25 2011

from our friends at Farmstead Meatsmith!
This February is turning into the month of meatsmithing classes.

photo by andrew plotsky

Along with the butchery class on Feb. 12th, mentioned in our last letter, we've got a few more now scheduled for anyone who's interested.  Please write or call if any of the classes below stimulate your appetite. Come hungry for knowledge and food.  Farm lunches are always provided.
Brandon is spending hours at the oil stone so everyone has keen edges to work with.  We are turning the flavors of our own kitchen towards the goat with great results, so we have an abundance of culinary tips to share at the goat processing class. Among our favorites is goat head stock.
We are offering a good deal of slaughter instruction this February as well.  So expect slaughter day harvests: blood sausage, hanger and skirt steak, and the freshest offal you can find.
January 29th: Goat Abattoir in Longbranch
On January 29th starting at 9am, we will be harvesting a goat with Jeannette Schreiber in Longbranch.  As always, the goal is not only to waste nothing, but to make everything delicious. We will harvest blood and offal, detailing how best to use it all. Blood sausage will be made on sight and incorporated into the farm lunch.
Cost is $90 per person for the day.
Call us at 206.463.MEAT or email [email protected] for directions and to reserve a spot.
February 6th: Pork Butchery in Raymond
We had so much fun during our January class in Raymond at Granny's Farm, we're doing another one.
This time, you're taking meat home with you!
Sunday, Feb. 6th at 9am, join us for a full pig carcass breakdown, complete with sausage making and other morsels of charcuterie: bacon, pancetta, blood sausage, head-cheese, the perfect stock...
Our hosts at the farm, Sandy and Larry, outdo themselves with a complete lunch and dinner, fresh from their farm.
Altogether the price for a ticket is $200, including a 20 lb. share of the pork.  The class is completely hands-on; you will chop your own chops and carve your own roasts.
Email [email protected] for details and [email protected] for reservations.
February 16th and 23rd: Pork Abattoir on Vashon Island
Our class content will be two hogs raised by a Vashon farmer excited to share his pork processing for the mutual benefit of his homestead and his community.
Each of these Wednesdays (16th and 23rd) we'll show our killing, sticking, hanging, scalding and eviscerating methods on the pig's home-farm, while giving you a chance to learn by doing.  Class starts at 9am.We'll catch the blood for "black pudding," named according to this British farmer's own tradition, and clean the hogs in a way that will enable whatever skin-on delights he may choose during their butchery: proscuitto, guanciale, pork-rinds, roasts ripe for cracklin', barbequed trotters, and much more.Traditional charcuterie and carving depends upon traditional slaughter; this class on the farm gives you the foundation for anything you can imagine in your kitchen.  We will demonstrate proper harvesting of every innard for andouille (stomach, large intestine), pate terrines (liver), head-cheese and even the small intestines for the sausage casings.Class cost is $125 per person.  Expect to be buried in porcine abundance all day long.  As always, a delicious farm lunch will be prepared in the farmer's own fully equipped farm kitchen/apartment, ready for hospitality.
Contact us at [email protected] or 206.463.MEAT for a spot.
February 19th and 26th: Pork Butchery and Charcuterie on Vashon Island
On the 19th and the 26th, we will butcher, cure and link the two pigs slaughtered on the 16th and the 23rd respectively, that is one pig per day.  Class starts at 9am. We put the knife in your hand and walk you through traditional pork butchery.  You will learn how to carve an entire pig by hand with a knife and a cleaver.
For charcuterie, we will focus on the art of sausage making.  And since it is too hard to resist, we will have to make pork rinds.
Lunch will be provided.  Bring knives, cutting boards and aprons.
Class cost is $125 per person.  Those who attended one of the slaughter classes on the 16th or the 23rd pay $100 per person.  To complete your journey from pasture to plate, the farmer is offering his pork for sale, so you can fill your larder with the fruit of your labor.
Contact us with questions and to reserve a spot: 206.463.MEAT or [email protected]
vashon island, washington


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