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burnett farm seeks interns

Posted: April 9 2013

Burnett Farm is seeking one more intern for the 2013 season. We are a NOFA NY certified organic mountain farm.  Our season is short and intense. The variety of floral and fauna here in the Catskills is adapted to a pure, fierce and strong habitat.
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The farm is located through a saddle that collects and runs filtered and spring waters. Our ‘weeds’ accordingly are noble or at least on top of their game. We have 150 acres that run from forest to fields, to marsh, streams and many ponds (for swimming). It’s productive and if you can taste a view... We have some good tastes happening here that we’re eager to share.  We would love for you to learn alongside us.  Help us to nourish the productivity of our vegetable operation – we have four acres of field crops as well as 3000 ft in hoop-houses; we’re also developing hydro and aquaponics and raising hogs and chickens.  We have a smoke-house and storage.   We have an apiary. We’re learning like crazy.  Help us plan a better irrigation system and build the next of our cold-frames.  You would be happier with your own vehicle as town is two miles away and the nearest movie theater a 40 minute drive, but you’re not here for that.  There are many many neighboring farms worth visiting and learning from.  Regardless, we’ll make sure your needs for food and shelter and fun are met while staying with us.  Our markets are here at the farm, in nearby towns, and a weekly trip to NYC restaurants.  We host events at the farm.   You would stay in a tent house by the farm-manager’s cabin and farmstand.  The farm manager is very nice and she will share whatever she has (namely, books) with you.  Together we would tailor your responsibilities to suit your strengths, interests, and curiosity.  The longer you stay the more we’ll learn together.  A month would be great! forever would be better.  Special diets accommodated. We have limited foreign-language powers but are willing to learn.  Please get in touch for more details. [email protected]

hudson, new york