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brown. girl. farming.

Posted: December 9 2010

Here's a note from our friend & Greenhorn Tasha Bowens, who write a blog called Brown. Girl. Farming.

This summer I said goodbye to Washington, D.C., a job, a sweet house, great people, and a guy to transplant myself onto an organic farm and dig barefoot in the mud.
Why? Well, the mud splattering was not the main objective, although it was a fun perk. Nor was the prospect of settling down on an idyllic farm in the countryside.
It was about finally diving headfirst into my passion, and confronting myself and the rest of the food movement with the issue of race and class while doing so.
I am into food. Not like a foodie into food, but like a farmer into food. And I seemed to be the only brown girl I knew interested in farming. Well, I knew this could not be true, but it made me want to explore why the face of this sustainable food movement was not a face of color. Especially when it's the communities of color that are suffering the most from our broken food system.
I wanted to learn how to address this issue; how to work with communities to create alternative food systems; and how to farm.
So I packed up all my things and set off on the first step of this food journey: Learn how to grow it.

Check out the places I've been, everything I've been learning, and the discussions about race and class along the way: Brown. Girl. Farming. [http://natashabowens.wordpress.com]

detriot, mi