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breaking through concrete

Posted: June 4 2010

The Breaking Through Concrete Tour (BTC Tour) will document the American urban farm movement. Despite hundreds of farm and garden projects taking hold in major cities, the urban farm remains a misunderstood and overlooked part of our food production system. We will bring to life the diverse projects that are, in distinct ways, transforming our built environments and creating jobs, training opportunities, local economies, and healthy food in our nation’s biggest cities. The BTC Tour will put a face on this new food movement and inspire the growing connection between people, place, and food.
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May 18 :: Seattle, WA. P-Patch Allotment Gardens
May 19 :: Depart Seattle
May 22-23 :: Santa Cruz, CA. Homeless Garden Project
May 25-26 :: Santa Barbara, CA. Fairview Gardens
May 27 :: Flagstaff, AZ. (travel day)
May 28 :: Santa Fe, NM. (travel day)
May 30-31 :: Denver, CO. Denver Urban Gardens Projects
June 2-3 :: Kansas City, MO. Center for Urban Agriculture
June 4 :: Clarksdale, MS. (travel day)
June 5 :: Mississippi Delta’s MEGA Project
June 6-8 :: New Orleans, LA. East NO Vietnamese Community
June 9-10 :: Birmingham, AL. Jones Valley Urban Farm
June 11 :: Atlanta (travel day)
June 13-14 :: Washington, D.C. Common Good City Farm
June 15-16 :: Philadelphia, PA. Greens Grow
June 17-20 :: Brooklyn, NY. OFF Why Hunger Awards Dinner
June 21-23 :: Brooklyn, NY Eagle Street Rooftop Farm + Roberta’s Pizza and Boxcar Gardens
June 24 :: Cleveland, OH. West End Market (travel day)
June 25-29 :: Detroit, MI. Multiple Projects
July 1-4 :: Chicago, IL. Growing Home. Grayslake, IL. Prairie Crossing, Sandhill Organics
July 4-? :: To Seattle!