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black farmers & urban gardeners conference

Posted: November 8 2010
Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners Conference
Growing Health, Wealth, & Justice in Our Communities
November 19-21, 2010
Brooklyn College
East 27th St. and Campus Road
Brooklyn, NY 11210

From November 19 – 21, 2010 the first-ever Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference will convene at Brooklyn College in New York City, engaging hundreds of participants in critical food and farm-related issues that directly impact health and economic security of people of African descent. The conference is presented by Black Urban Growers (BUGS), an alliance of predominately Black urban farmers and gardeners, food activists and allies united in rebuilding our community wealth and health by reconnecting to the land and our traditional roles as agriculturalists and environmental stewards.
This conference comes at a critical time for black farmers, urban activists and their communities.  Despite a rich and significant farming history in the United States, people of African descent are grossly underrepresented in the farming population today, making up less than 2%. The conference will consist of discussions, workshops, and strategy development focused on food access and distribution, local food production and connections between rural and urban farming.
The 2010 Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference is open to anyone interested in the food-related issues concerning urban Black communities and will be particularly relevant for urban planners, educators, growers, cooks and nutritionists, among others.
For more information about the conference schedule, workshops, and volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, visit www.blackfarmersconf.org.