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bioneers conference 2020: virtual conference for environmental and social justice ( incl. special discount code for greenhorns)

Posted: November 20 2020


Online event, for the two weekends of Dec 5-6th and 12-13th

Use the greenhorns discount code jlcu3c for 20% off your tickets!

From the Bioneers team:

"The year 2020 has been marked by a convergence of crises. The latent realities of climate change, racial injustice, exploitation and inequality have been rawly exposed, leaving people to feel discouraged and disempowered around the world.

We are in a transformative moment. As we challenge our world’s outdated systems and institutions, we must seize this moment to rebuild a more equitable and regenerative world together. What will it look like?

At the Bioneers 2020 Conference, Dec 5-6 and 12-13, the visionary thought leaders, activists and scientists leading the world’s most pressing movements will answer this question, as they come together to share their innovative solutions.

Many among the Bioneers are inspired by the wisdom of nature, by learning from her 3.8 billion years of evolution what creates conditions conducive to all of life. Diverse leaders – many from BIPOC communities – address our most challenging issues, from racial justice and economic equity to climate, education, arts, food sovereignty, wildlands and health. Bioneers’ spectrum of solutions includes women’s leadership, nature’s intelligence, Indigenous leadership, youth leadership, arts, democracy, emotional and social healing – and more. We take a whole-systems approach, embodied in community, offering a future vision that is within our grasp today.

Participatory offerings each day include council sessions: talking circles hosted by skillful guides intended for deep listening, integrating and taking in the community’s reflections and sharing in a sacred, confidential and compassionate context. We’re excited to host community conversations, which begin with impassioned talks on timely and relevant topics and then guide participants through a series of intimate discussions, which are synthesized artfully at the end by a gifted ‘harvester.’

Join us for this event, “Beyond the Great Unraveling: Weaving the World Anew,” from December 5-6 and 12-13! Bioneers from around the world will gather online for world-class keynote presentations, interactive networking, and engaging panel discussions with leaders on the cutting edge of systems change.

Our shared work is more important now than ever. Please join us for this social and personal awakening — a true Revolution from the Heart of Nature — so we may change the world from the inside out.

Learn more and get your tickets now at conference.bioneers.org."

Greenhorns director, Severine Fleming, will be presenting on the panel, Three Pillars for 21st Century Food Security: Regenerative Agriculture, Local Food and New Farmers on Dec. 5th from 2pm to 3:30pm:

"Conventional industrial agriculture is systemically flawed, generating enormous collateral environmental, human and economic damage. To face the challenges of erratic climate, natural resource destruction, increased population, and the hardship economics of farming, we need skilled regenerative farmers and a more localized food system. This session will feature three leading figures working on different aspects of the movement to radically transform agriculture. We will begin with an introductory discussion with the whole group, followed by three separate, simultaneous breakouts [with Severine Fleming of Greenhorns, Jonathan Lundgren of Blue Dasher Farm, and Michael Ableman of Foxglove Farm]."