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Biodynamic Winter Intensive

Posted: November 28 2009

Plants, Earth and Cosmos
A workshop for farmers, gardeners and others seeking a working relation to the land

February 14-19 and/or February 21-26
Led by The Nature Institute and the Hawthorne Valley Farm Learning Center in partnership with the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association
The Nature Institute and the Hawthorne Valley Farm Learning Center are offering two complementary weeks of instruction to those seeking a fuller understanding of biodynamic agriculture. The first week will offer participants a way to deepen their own observations in relation to the world of plants and to practice flexible thinking as a means of becoming more perceptive land workers. The second week will focus on concepts and practices more specifically related to biodynamic agriculture including: a general introduction to the kingdoms of nature from the point of view of biodynamics; the genesis of and management of soils; the diversity of plant growth forms in relation to soil, climate and cosmos; wild relatives of our cultivated plants and weeds, ecological methods of weed management, principles of crop rotation; planting to support beneficial insects; managing orchards and other perennials; the use of planting calendars and more.
The first week will be led by Craig and Henrike Holdrege of The Nature Institute. The second week will feature presenters including: Jean Paul Courtens of Roxbury Farm; Malcolm Gardner, editor of the Agriculture Lectures, by Rudolf Steiner; Walter Goldstein, research scientist at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute; Eric Nordell, (on DVD and by phone), of Beech Grove Farm; Claudia Knab-Vispo of the Farmscape Ecology Program; Hugh Williams of Threshold Farm and others. This is the first of two such intensives. In 2011 the workshop will focus on the animal kingdom, the integration of livestock on biodynamic farms and other, related topics.
Fees are on a sliding scale: $250-450 for each week; or $400 to 480 for both weeks. (North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program apprentice fees are covered by the program.) For more information, contact the Hawthorne Valley Farm Learning Center, 518-672-7500 x 105; or email [email protected]


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