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biodynamic orchards, keyline, forecasting.

Posted: January 4 2011

Check out these upcoming workshops organized by our friends at Frey Vineyards.  Click on the titles for more information and to download a pdf of each.
3 Workshops with Master Orchardists:
The Biodynamic Orchard A to Z - January 9 at Frey Vineyards, Redwood Valley
Apple Orchard Workshop  - January 15 at Apple Farm & Filigreen Farm, Anderson Valley
Pruning at Restoring Apple Trees - January 16 at Live Power Community Farm, Covelo
Keyline: Principles and Concepts for Capturing Water and Enhancing Soil Fertility - January 12, at Frey Vineyards
Weather Eye: How to do a Five Day Forecast - January 7, at Frey Vineyards

redwood valley, CA


Classes + Workshops