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beekeeping in santa fe

Posted: March 11 2010

EcoVersity: Topbar Beekeeping
Monthly, March 20 - September 11
at EcoVersity, Santa Fe, with Talon Van Howten
EcoVersity is once again offering very affordable Topbar Beekeeping Classes for its 6th season! An alternative to conventional beekeeping, Topbar Beekeeping is a low-impact, natural method that offers bees maximum freedom to build honeycombs organically, which may contribute to very docile, "easy bees", that show more resistance to illness and environmental challenges.
Take advantage of this opportunity to become comfortable with handling bees in this season-long class series where each session includes both theory and hands-on practice. You will become adept at setting up hives, hive maintenance, harvest, evaluation and winter preparation.
Your participation will aid in EcoVersity's study of pollinators as we strive to understand more about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and other bee-afflictions.
Make an important contribution toward the survival of bees, register or donate today!


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