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barter for education!

Posted: February 2 2011

What a terrific twist on "trade schools". Starting today!
Trade School
classes begin on Wednesday, February 2nd at 32 Prince Street, NYC.

At Trade School, students barter with teachers.
Here’s a sample of upcoming classes and a sample of barter items you'll need to bring:
- Learn about Coptic Sewing if you bring grant editing, or graphic design help.
- Learn how to Squat the Condos if you bring a bunch of green mangoes.
- Learn about The Utopian Promise of 19th c. Design Schools for Women if you bring "an Object of Possibility."
- Learn about Grassroots Community Organizing Basics if you bring homemade pickles, local beer, or recipes.
- Learn about Basic Social Work Principles for Social Practice Artists if you bring socks or vegan fare.
- Learn about Self Producing 101 if you bring a yoga workout or homemade bread.
- Learn how to Build a Bonafide Business if you bring something funny and transit related.
- Learn how to Make Herbal Concentrates if you bring help finding gardening space in Brooklyn.
- Learn about Justice! Philosophy of Economic and Social Equality if you bring seeds from your favorite plant.
- Learn about Feng Shui 101 if you bring gemstones or a surprise.
- Learn about HDSLR Filmmaking if you bring a vinyl record or art.
Sign up to attend or teach a class at http://www.TradeSchool.ourgoods.org

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