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baking and breaking bread

Posted: August 18 2013

eec46fef-ce11-4932-ab62-e756f47a64f3-1Baking Bread for a Sustainable Future
by Chris Riedy, 2 August 2013.
It’s raining lightly in Oslo as our procession makes its way past the gleaming white of the Opera House, jutting like a glacier over Oslo Fjord. I am following an artist, Eva Bakkeslett, on a strange journey to a kind of guerilla bakehouse. Colleagues from around the world are stretched out behind me in a chattering, happy chain. None of us are entirely sure where we are going – in fact, I’m starting to think we might be lost.
We are winding our way through what appears to be a construction site in the Oslo docklands. We pass some locals fishing in the fjord, but there is no sign of our destination. Then, suddenly, we round a bend and a strange structure is revealed. It is Bakehouse Bjørvika, a public baking facility housed within an experimental architectural structure in Bjørvika. It is the home of the Flatbread Society. Our visit is part of the integrated art program at the excellentTransformation in a Changing Climate Conference.
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