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Posted: February 8 2011

The latest from our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Library.
Hello gardeners!
It's officially Seed Season here in the Northeast. For most gardeners, January is a bit early to think about ordering seeds, let alone starting them. Thank you to all the Type A personality (or is it Type G?) gardeners who already ordered seeds! Now it's time for the rest of you to check your old seeds, get in your seed orders, and plan your seed-starting set-up.

Catalog Update
Right now you are probably enjoying your stack of glossy print catalogs. We were not able to print one this year, but our full catalog with over 150 varieties is online. We've just added 15 more varieties--and we've now got over 50 that are grown by us and other small farms!

Free Seeds
We wanted to let you know of a few chances to win our seeds for free. You Grow Girl's Seed Giveaway just ended but Horticulture Magazine's Giveaway just started!
From Our Blog

Green$eeds: Looking for green ways to raise funds for your group? Try fundraising with our seeds.

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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude with this post.

Internships: We're now accepting applications for internships that begin March 15th.
2011 Events
The events page now has all of our upcoming markets, shows, and workshops. Check it out.

Thank you for helping us celebrate heirloom and open-pollinated seeds!

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