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artists seek farm for workshop/event

Posted: August 11 2014

IMG_0004Scrimpy Summer Farm Tour

Sometime between August 20th and the 25th, a tribe of New Yorkers (art world acolytes, anthropocene practitionersgritty urban gardeners, and experimental musicians who were brought together during experiences of Occupy and continue to elaborate new forms of life) want to take our cultural goods (pw: blackoutjdb) and ways on the road to your farmland for a day. Taking seriously the task at hand, of living, eating, fighting and dying in our urban environment, whose constant and inevitable decay has been seized as an opportunity to immure us deeper and more sticky in this so-called world, we reach North because we wonder what you are doing, learning and building!

What we plan to do is have a night with some art performances, one or two musical acts (scrimpy), and a traveling art show. We will be bringing our own equipment, PA, tents, etc... but what we will need is some sort of space with access to electricity for the performances, whether it be a barn, a field, a front porch or even living room. Our means are very lo-fi and our vision very flexible based on the situations offered. If we are welcome to, we would like to spend an extra day in each location as a way of really seeing what is going on and to offer back a helping hand in a harvest or building project or anything else you need. We can also offer reciprocal hospitality in New York City, either at Woodbine or a large loft space.
For this first attempt we are mostly interested in the Hudson Valley/Catskills/Western Mass, though we'd travel as far as Ithaca.
If this interests you, please get in touch with Elise: elise.duryeebrowner [at] gmail.com THanks!!"


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