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Posted: May 15 2012

Where Are All The Young Farmers?

Posted on 06 May 2012 by Gary Truitt
Have you ever had the experience of watching a television commercial; and, when it is over, you have no idea what it was for, what the message was, or even what product or company it was for? This is not due to a bad ad agency, but is done on purpose. The reason you don’t get it is because you are not supposed to. More and more commercials are aimed at specific demographics and made to be understood by people in that demographic. When this happens in my house, I will turn to me wife and ask, “Did you get that?” She will say, “No.” Yet when I ask my children, they look at me quizzically and say, “Yes, don’t you?” Demographic segmentation is not a new marketing idea, but it has become a lot more prevalent today.
The reason is the internet. It allows marketers to direct messages to individuals based on age, geography, interests, behavior, and a thousand other different factors. This trend is not limited to tweeters, bloggers, and Facebook game players, but is even being used to reach farmers.
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